Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

  • 3 Clear Signs Your Warehouse Needs a New Paint Job

    A commercial facility's interior and exterior surfaces deteriorate over time due to exposure to elements such as snow, rain, and humidity. As a result, the existing paint peels, cracks, or fades. Therefore, a new paint job is important to improve and preserve your facility's aesthetics. Moreover, a well-painted warehouse also boosts employee productivity and communicates professionalism to your potential clients. Check out more reasons why you should repaint your warehouse. 

  • 4 Pro Residential Painting Tips to Borrow From Expert Painters

    Painting is a quick and effective way to improve the overall kerb appeal of your residential property. However, many factors determine how excellent a paint job turns out. By organising the project well beforehand, you can minimise the mistakes made during the project and get beautiful and sleek interiors for your home. Here are four professional residential painting tips that you get from experts. Choose the Right Paint Quality The quality of paint that you use for your residential project helps determine the outcome.

  • Factors to Consider When Choosing Paint Sheen for Exterior Surfaces

    Choosing the right paint sheen for exterior surfaces determines the product's durability, appearance, and maintenance needs. Like interior paints, exterior ones come in various sheen types such as flat, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss. Flat paint has no shine, while satin has a soft finish. High-gloss paint is the shiniest paint, followed by semi-gloss paint. Choosing the right sheen isn't just about what looks good in the packaging. Below are a few essential factors to consider before choosing paint sheen for exterior paintwork.

  • 4 Causes of Cracked Paint on Exterior Walls

    Have you ever walked near a building and noticed paint cracking or peeling off the walls? This is a sign of poor maintenance or a job that wasn't well done. Under certain conditions, paint can crack and slowly chip or peel off the surface. This ends up exposing underlying layers to damage, not to mention that the building will appear unattractive and unprofessional. To prevent this from happening on your premises, here are 4 common causes of cracked paint and how you can avoid this issue.

  • 4 important safety steps when painting your tall building

    Tall buildings are among the most beautiful when they receive a fresh coat of paint. However, due to the associated heights of such structures, preparing a painting project will require careful planning. From using the right tools to hiring a commercial painter, the preparation phase will be critical to a safe and successful job. Here are 4 critical safety steps to have in mind when painting your tall building. 1. Unprepared exterior walls are a safety hazard during painting

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    Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

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